Wedding Photography

We understand that each wedding is different and has its own unique requirements. We provide customized wedding packages to suit your needs. Contact us with your wedding details and we’ll help you narrow down to the best wedding packages tailor made for your special day.

Basic Wedding Packages start at Rs. 40,000.

Couple Portraits

Our couple shoots are fun, elegant and a unique experience for the couple. Many of them have come back and told us that their bond has deepened during their couple portrait sessions. These pictures reflect the union of their personalities, memories that they can cherish for years to come. Imagine showing your couple portraits to your grandchildren, and how priceless these images would feel

Couple Portrait sessions start from Rs. 20,000.

Maternity Portraits

The feeling of carrying a life inside of you is inexplicable. Maternity portraits are all about capturing this feeling, the essence of motherhood, and bringing out the most beautiful emotions in the form of a picture, for a mother and her baby, and for a father in love and in awe.

Maternity Portrait Sessions start from Rs.15000.

Family Portraits

It could be three generations together in a frame, or a simple family of four. Each family has its own loving glue that binds it together. We aim to capture every family’s unique character and fun, laughter and joy that you make when you come together in a frame. We shoot outdoors, at indoor sets, or even in your homely abode.

Family Portrait Sessions start from Rs.15000

Photo Books

A memory is for a moment, and in a picture it is forever.

“A good photo album is the family’s most priceless possession. My grand father showed me his wedding album and his eyes sparkled as he flipped through the pictures of his finely crafted wedding album. As much as he enjoyed showing me the pictures, I felt the same amount of joy and love as I walked with him down his memory lane. This experience only confirms my belief of how priceless a photo album really is.” -Darshan

Premium Photo books start from Rs.20,000.

Wedding photography