Ethereal Studio was born out of love for people and portraits. We at Ethereal Studio open ourselves to realm of capturing moments through fine-art portraits and documentary style photographs. It involves us working with the light and the environs around creatively to create ethereal images for you.

Our most favorite moment to be in is, the present. We believe in it’s magic and make it our one true goal to witness and document the essence of what it feels like.

As wedding photographers, we wish to become a part of your wedding as much as your family and
friends are, and capture you at your most vulnerable, your most intense, and your most real selves.

Our work has taken us to the beautiful foreign lands of Turkey, Doha, and Dubai and to several stunning places closer to home, all over India. We love to travel and are happy to capture you anywhere you decide to tie the knot.

Meet our Founder

Ethereal Studio in


Hello! I am Darshan, founder of Ethereal Studio. Thank you for taking the time out to know a little bit about me.

I am an aspiring Yogi, lover of a good workout and organic food, and I often find myself on a spiritual quest to seek answers. The art of photography is indeed about chasing the light, both, literally and metaphorically for me.

Our uniqueness as individuals has always intrigued me. A believer in the power of human connection, I like exploring different cultures, expressions and personalities. Wedding photography combines my love for people and photography, which is why I am instinctively inclined towards it.

I am also a published commercial photographer and my work has been featured in leading magazines like the Architectural Digest, Better Interior, etc. To know more please find below, the link to my commercial portfolio.